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                120   minutes     4,500   KGS                   150   minutes     5,000   KGS 

You will feel majestic by the end of this stress-buster treatment that is fit for a great man or woman on earth and benefits you from head to toe. 


First, a Foot Scrub (15 minutes) renews the skin followed by a Foot Reflexology Massage (30 minutes).  Then, it is followed by a Neck, Shoulder, and Back Massage (30-45 minutes) placed along the strong muscle lines. A Thai Herbal Aroma Massage (45-60 minutes) stretches the muscles to reopen the body’s energy pathways, enhance circulation, increase energy levels and promote overall health and wellbeing.


Benefits: Stretching muscles to reopen body’s pathway, enhancing blood circulation, and promoting overall health and wellbeing.


                120   minutes     4,200   KGS                  150   minutes     4,700   KGS 

This treatment used for thousands of years has been combined with contemporary knowledge to promote relaxation and wellness of those who sit still at work all day long. The therapy uses deep stretching, rubbing and kneading of Traditional Thai Massage (45-60 minutes) to stimulate acupressure points to balance the upper body and allow its life force to flow freely. 


Thai Herbal Compress (30-45 minutes) is applied during the treatment to enhance its effectiveness and a Thai Herbal Aroma Massage (45 minutes) with aroma oil lastly stretches the muscles and generates a new vitality, improved circulation and stress relief to guests.


Benefits: Stimulating acupressure points of the body for good balance, stretching muscles, generating vitality, improving blood circulation, and relieving stress.


               135   minutes     4,800   KGS                 165   minutes     5,300   KGS 

This program is created especially for those who love outdoor activities such as hiking, trekking, climbing, and those who are regular sportsmen or athletes.


First, a Foot Scrub (15 minutes) renews the skin followed by a Foot Reflexology Massage (30-45 minutes) to help clear any channels of blocked energy through moving the flow of blood, nutrients and nerve impulses to ultimately improve overall health and balance. Our Muay Thai Massage (60-75 minutes) aims at increasing blood supply (which brings additional oxygen and nutrients to cells and enhances waste removal) and relaxing all tightness and stiffness from long walk, tough activities that require the entire body movement with application of tiger balm and massage oil and methods of stretching, kneading, and rubbing.


The last program in this package is Massage for Face (15 minutes) and Head (15 minutes) focusing on the neck, face, head, and scalp to improves blood circulation increasing oxygen supply to the brain.

Benefits: Easing up muscle tension, relieving tissue and muscle pain, and speeding the recovery process of injuries.

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