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                90   minutes     2,690   KGS                 120   minutes     3,390   KGS 

After your day-long work and going through all the stresses from work, traffic, and pollution, having a full body massage in peaceful aromatic environment  is a must to regain balance of body, mind, and soul back. 

Combination: Foot Reflexology Massage (30-45 minutes), Thai Herbal Aroma Massage including Head Massage (60-75 minutes)  applying massage oils customized by our guests and methods of kneading, stroking, and rubbing to relieve fatigue and improve blood circulation lymphatic system drainage.


Benefits: This program helps stimulating blood circulation and reducing swollen legs and particularly tight body muscles with aromatic massage oil so guests are able to get back to a normal stage to sleep tight and work effectively after day-long work


90   minutes     2,450   KGS 

This package includes Foot Reflexology Massage (30 minutes) and Neck Shoulder Back and Piriformis Muscle Massage with Head Massage (60 minutes).


There are 4 main areas of the soles of the feet that correspond to organs relating to the head and neck, spine, chest, and pelvic areas. The left foot corresponds to the left side of the body, and the right foot, the right side of the body. According to traditional Thai methods for massage: Starting from feet means to stimulate blood circulation, energy lines, and internal organs of the whole body.


Our Neck, Shoulder, and Back Massage helps relieve chronic muscle stiffness and tightness on neck, shoulder, lower and upper back, and piriformis by using the method of acupressure and myofascial release therapy.  The package is ended with a head massage to relax tense on your head and upper neck.                                                                          

Benefits: Reducing muscle pain especially on neck shoulder back and piriformis muscle and boosting body balance and stimulating blood circulation with both acupressure and kneading techniques.


                45   minutes     1,450   KGS                  60   minutes     1,750   KGS 

Most of us hunch over our smartphone for at least two hours a day. This can effectively increase the weight of your head by up to 27kg, damage your posture, and causes you a “text neck” syndrome, which refers to neck pain resulting from looking down at cell phone or tablet for too long.


This package consists of a hand/arm massage (15-20 minutes), a neck shoulder and shoulder blade massage (20-30 minutes), and a head massage (10 minutes). The major techniques applied in this package include acupressure, frictions, and lymphatic drainage.

Benefits: Easing up muscle tensions in arms, neck, shoulders and upper back. It also decreases restriction within hands. The pressure from the massage increases blood flow around the area which aims to keep the muscles strong and healthy by providing them with an increase of oxygen and nutrients. 

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