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Do I need to bring anything for a massage? 

No, we have all including clothes, slippers, and towels for you. 



What are the differences between Traditional Thai Massage and Thai Herbal Aroma Massage?

Traditional Thai Massage uses acupressure and stretching techniques without oil, while Herbal Aroma Massage offers kneading and stretching techniques with oil. 



What type of full-body massage is for relaxation?

Thai Herbal Aroma Massage, as we apply Thai kneading techniques with aromatic essential oils. 



What oil does Kamin use for Herbal Aroma Massage?

We use 100% grape seed oil mixed with natural essential oils that you can customize

based on the formulas that we have.



Should I shower before and after a massage?

It is not required to shower before a massage, and we recommend you not to shower right after a massage.



Can Traditional Thai Massage or Neck Shoulder Back Massage help remove pain from herniated cervical disk?

No, our massage cannot fix any spinal problems that require surgery. It only helps loosen tightness

and stiffness on your back, piriformis muscles, and/ or legs.



What is Facial Massage like?

We use natural cleansing cream, facial mask, grape seed oil, and facial lotion to exercise

and relax your facial muscles that tend to cause stress lines. 



What time of the day is good for having a massage?

Anytime is good as long as you feel well - no alcohol, fever, cold, flu, or high blood pressure right before a massage.



How many times should I have a massage?

No-one can say, you need to see how you feel after the first massage. If you feel better, we recommend a massage every week as to make it a lifestyle!



Should I have a massage every day until the pain is gone?

No, it is unhealthy for your muscles since they need to rest from being pressed. You will have bruises on your body if you have a massage everyday. 



How long should I make an appointment?

If you would like to come on weekends or weekdays after 6 PM, we recommend 2-3 days in advance. For the rest of the day and the week, one-day advance booking is possible. 



Can my children have a massage?

Yes, they can. We provide a massage for children aged between 3-15 years old. Foot Reflexology Massage to stimulate their growth and motion is highly recommended. We would recommend them to come during morning time. 



What is welcome tea and after-service tea for?

Welcome tea is to prevent you from dehydration during the massage and after-service tea is to hydrate your body after the massage. Despite no solid clear research on dehydration after the massage, it is suggested  that  drinking enough water helps support your kidneys to process toxicants and nutrients better.



Will I be naked while having a massage?

Nobody will ever be naked for having a massage in Kamin. We have attire for you, and we cover your body to protect your from being naked or cold during Thai Herbal Aroma Massage with oil too.  



Who are our massage therapists?

They are all Thai and certified by Thailand’s governmental massage institutions or schools. 



If I can’t make it to my scheduled appointment, what is your cancellation policy?

If cancellation is necessary, please give a few hours notice. Session times are valuable to us  as well as other guests who would like to have a massage at the same time as you. Please understand and allow other guests to be able to have a massage if you cannot make it as booked. Thank you.



What happens if I am late to my scheduled appointment?

In the event that you are no later than 15 minute to your appointment and there is no guest after your session, your session will continue with the remainder of the time. But if there is a guest right after your massage, your delayed arrival definitely affects other guests and we need to reduce the length of your session. Please keep in mind that your delay potentially affects everyone having a massage after you.  If you are later than 15 minutes or late without notice, we would ask to cancel your appointment. 

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